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Best Sex Position Photos

Picture: Shutterstock What to do in bed When it comes to sex, what you do in the bedroom isn’t quite as important as what you do in the bedroom. In fact, research has shown that the way couples have sex plays a huge role in their relationship. “The most important part of foreplay is communication, not how good you are at having sex,” sexologist Dr Lucy Bowtell says. “Sexual pleasure happens in the brain. “During lovemaking we’re all engaged in a conversation, communicating our desires and fantasies to one another. “People often focus on the mechanics of sex but the best sex is the sex that’s the most loving, the sex that’s the most intimate. “People often think of a sexual encounter as just a sexual act. Sex isn’t a sexual act, sex is a sexual conversation.” It’s true that some of the best sex experiences have the most effort put into them. But here, we’ll tell you what to do in the bedroom to have the most satisfying and rewarding sex you can. Photo: Shutterstock 1. Be good to your partner The number one thing to do in the bedroom is to be a good partner. “One of the biggest problems with sex is that so many people just think that sex is a ‘performance’,” Dr Bowtell says. “In a loving relationship, sex is the best way of showing how much you love someone and how much they mean to you. “When you’re having sex, you should be thinking, ‘How can I show how much I love this person?’ “When you’re having sex, you should be thinking about whether you’re being supportive, whether you’re being loving, whether you’re being caring, whether you’re being respectful. “If you don’t have these things in your relationship, sex can be a really difficult area because it’s like having sex with a blank slate. “It’s like you’re just trying to do the best you can and you can’t show your partner how much you love them if you’re not being good to them.

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