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music video jo ek ho gaya hai hindi jaan song download References External links Category:1970s Hindi-language films Category:1979 films Category:Indian films Category:Films scored by Ravindra Jain Category:Films scored by R. D. BurmanAnimal Science Association of Japan The Animal Science Association of Japan (ASAJ) is a Japanese scientific society that promotes the fields of animal science. Founded in 1969, ASAJ has its headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It is registered with the government of Japan as a "national public nonprofit institution". It is also a member of the Japan Agricultural Research Council. History ASAJ is Japan's first and largest national society for the animal science and related fields, and the scientific society for the animal agriculture, meat industry, veterinary medicine, fish farming and animal welfare industries. The association was founded in 1969 to promote the study and practice of animal science, especially the natural, productive, and health-supportive management of livestock, poultry, and fish. It is the only national organization whose mission is to foster the communication, cooperation, and education among scientists in the animal sciences, related fields, and related institutions. The keystone of the society is the National Conference held biennially since 1998. The National Conference is a forum for specialists in the animal sciences to share cutting-edge research, development, and management technologies, to identify promising areas for future research, and to make suggestions for the improvement of national animal science education and training. Affiliations ASAJ is a member of several international organizations including the International Organization for Animal Health, the World Organization for Animal Health, and the Global Partnership for Food Animal Health. Fields ASAJ promotes the education and advancement of animal science through research and teaching as well as through programs to protect the health and welfare of animals and the food and fiber they produce. The organization also encourages the use of animals in basic research in all aspects of their lives. Through the established programs, the association strives to: Promote and encourage the advancement of animal science Promote the education and training of animal scientists and the maintenance and improvement of animal science and related fields Promote animal welfare by promoting the proper use and protection of animals Promote the international exchange of ideas on animal science and related fields References External links be359ba680

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